It’s not like there are crazy news. I took it. It went alright. It would have been really newsworthy if a random breakdance battle had broken out midway, or if a tiger suddenly jumped into the sterile computer room while we were taking the test. Alas, no such excited occured. Just another computer filled room with no windows, with young adults crammed inside wearing earplugs so as to maximize concentration.

I never did understand the earplugs bit. It only served for me to hear my heartbeat. Or bloodflow. Or other internal workings that are really more of a distraction than anything else.

What have we learned:

  • Totally did not mean to leave you, dear reader (hi mum!) hanging on the whole “I’m taking the GMAT” front.

  • Not a fan of earplugs

Fail on all Fronts

I am studying for the GMAT. There, I said it. I admitted it. I… regret it. Now you are going to judge me for not studying, because a good potential business school person studies at least an hour a day. I have not done that. Not even close.


The main “issue”, and get ready for first world problems, is that I have amazing friends that I would much rather spend time with after work. I do not get home until seven-ish, and all the time after that is very precious. If my friends say, “hey come over for dinner”, I will say “of course, be there at 7ish” and there goes the evening.

I then bargain with myself that I will study more on the weekend. That sort of happens. I will then cram about four hours into Sunday morning, provided Saturday night bedtime did not become Sunday morning.


To sum up, what have we learned about me?

  • I procrastinate. A lot (just look at the frequency of posts on this blog.)
  • I am terrible at the “follow through” on study plans
  • I have excellent friends
  • I am an amazing dinner guest



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