Fail on all Fronts

I am studying for the GMAT. There, I said it. I admitted it. I… regret it. Now you are going to judge me for not studying, because a good potential business school person studies at least an hour a day. I have not done that. Not even close.


The main “issue”, and get ready for first world problems, is that I have amazing friends that I would much rather spend time with after work. I do not get home until seven-ish, and all the time after that is very precious. If my friends say, “hey come over for dinner”, I will say “of course, be there at 7ish” and there goes the evening.

I then bargain with myself that I will study more on the weekend. That sort of happens. I will then cram about four hours into Sunday morning, provided Saturday night bedtime did not become Sunday morning.


To sum up, what have we learned about me?

  • I procrastinate. A lot (just look at the frequency of posts on this blog.)
  • I am terrible at the “follow through” on study plans
  • I have excellent friends
  • I am an amazing dinner guest




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